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Packing Questions

Q: I have an ergonomic chair. Can I bring it to the new building?

A: All Faculty and staff will need to utilize the provided task chair unless an individual has medical documentat on file with Human Resources. It is encouraged all move-in faculty and staff participate in an online ErgoCat evaluation after the move.

Q: Will I need to pack my own office?

A: Yes, you will be expected to pack your own office. If you will be out on sabbatical, please let us know as soon as possible.  

Q: When will I receive my boxes?

A: Boxes were delivered on May 14 to COB1 breakroom (room 351), SE2 mailroom (room 347), COB2 mailroom (room 399) and SSM Offices (room 120 and 118). Boxes for AOA occupants are available upon request. Please contact Office of Space Planning if you need additional boxes.

Q: Does the moving company have to move my laptop or can I take it with me?

A: You may take your laptop with you. Please notify Office of Space Planning so we are aware. 

Q: What if I have already packed my boxes. Do I need to use the provided moving boxes?

A: No. Please use the provided label so we understand where it being moved. Please let your department chair know so we are aware.

Q: Can I use the moving boxes to take things home? 

A: No, moving boxes must be used to pack items for the new buildings. We get charged by the box and will pick up the boxes after the move.

Q: Will the moving company move everything?

A: No, personal appliances (i.e. mini fridges, coffee pots and microwaves), art, plants and any other personal items will not be moved by the moving company.


General Move Questions

Q: Do I need to be present on the day of my move? 

A: No, occupants should not expect to use their old and/or new desk on move day. Work with your supervisor to determine if you will hotel elsewhere, work remotely or take the day off. Please note, this is at the discretion of your supervisor. Office of Space Planning will be on site to coordinate the move on each move day.

Q: Will I continue to have access to my old office after the move? 

A: No, you will need to return your old office key in order to receive your new office key. If you need to access your old office, please make arrangements with your school or building manager.

Q: What do I do with my keys?

A: Lock and Access will be on site to collect and distribute keys starting from 1-2pm on Friday, August 16 in ACS Room 230A. Additional dates will be August 19-20 from 8am-10am in ACS Room 230A