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General Move Questions

Q: I have an ergonomic chair. Can I bring it to the new building?

A: All Faculty and staff will need to utilize the provided task chair unless an individual has medical documentat on file with Human Resources. It is encouraged all move-in faculty and staff participate in an on-line ErgoCat evaluation after the move.

Q: Will I need to pack my own office?

A: No, the moving company will pack for you. However, the moving company will not relocate personal items (i.e. mini fridges, coffee pots, microwaves, art, plants)

Q: Does the moving company have to move my laptop or can I take it with me?

A: You may take your laptop with you. Please let Sara Anastos know so we are aware.

Q: Will the moving company move everything?

A: No, personal appliances (i.e. mini fridges, coffee pots and microwaves), art, plants and any other personal items will not be moved by the moving company.

Q: Do I need to be present on the day of my move? 

A: No, occupants should not expect to use their old and/or new desk on move day. For lab moves, we will schedule a walk-through prior to packing with you. If you are unable to be present, you may nominate someone from your lab to attend the walk-through.

Q: Will I continue to have access to my old office at the move? 

A: No, occupants will lose their access to their old office after their move in day. If you need to access your old office, please make arrangements with your building manager.

Q: What do I do with my keys?

A: Lock and Access will be on site to collect and distribute keys  on Thursday, August 15 from 8am - 9am in SRE Room 105. If the pick up schedule does not work for you, please contact the Lock shop.


Laboratory Move Questions

Q: Will I need to pack my own lab?

A: No, the moving company will pack for you. However, you are expected to ensure all equipment is properly shutdown. Glassware and equipment must be clean and ready for packing. 

Q: Do I contact manufacturers directly for moving equipment?

A: No, all required manufacturers will be contacted in advance of the move by the relocation planning team to coordinate proper preparation and post-move set up. 

Q: What do I do with chemical products?

A: Please use down your chemical stock as much as feasible. All chemical products will be moved over by a professional chemical movers to provide proper and safe transport.

Q:There are some items that are sensitive that I would rather move. Is that possible? 

A: Yes, please let Sara Anastos know so we are aware.