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There will be one centralized printer, per printer room, in the DCC.  That's two printers per floor, six in the building and will require use of your CatCard.

The process will be as follows: 1) Send your masterpiece to the desired printer from your computer 2) Walk to the printer room with a smile and 3) then swipe your CatCard at the printer to authorize printing.This process will eliminate the concern of printing confidential documents and them sitting on the printer.  This also eliminates accidental printing of documents that end up sitting on the printer and never get picked up.

The printing fees are as follows: Color printing is $0.38 per page and B&W printing is $0.07 per page. To connect the printers, please connect to \\ucmprint and select DCCPrinters. If you need assistance, please refer to the IT website or visit the IT service desk on the second floor. Please note there is one fax line available for use in the 3rd floor small printer room.