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Furniture Program

Overview of UC Merced Furniture Program

UC Merced Space Planning and Analysis is your campus partners when it comes to planning and acquiring furniture for your needs.  The entire University of California has a systemwide contract with Steelcase, Inc. Our furniture is manufactured by Steelcase, Inc and distributed and installed by Tangram Interiors. This requires that the following purchases be Steelcase products only: 

  • Office furniture -
    • Filing cabinets
    • Desks/workstations
    • Bookcases
    • Paneled office systems
    • Task chairs and guest chairs
  • Ancillary furniture-
    • Lobby and guest seating
    • Conference rooms: tables and chairs
    • Tutorial classrooms: tables and chairs

Steelcease, Inc. furniture aligns with UC Merced's sustainability goals. The furniture is durable and long-lived. It is made from sustainable materials and can be easily disassembled and recycled at the end of its life, which aids UC Merced in reaching our goal of triple net zero

Design services are offered, when reconfiguring of space is required. To initiate assistance with reconfiguring a space, please submit a Request to Modify Space form. Please note, that not all projects require purchasing of new furniture. The University has an offsite facility that houses an inventory of surplus furniture that is available for use. To inquire as to what pieces are available for use, please email

If you are in need of a single piece of furniture (ie:task chair) to add to your existing work space, you can work directly with Procurement.