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Desk Chairs and Ergonomics

All new workstations come with an ergonomic chair that boasts the following features:

  • Adaptive bolstering in the seat cushion allows the seat to conform to your shape.
  • Adjustable arms move in four directions for personalized arm support: height, width, pivot, and depth.
  • The Integrated LiveBack System combines a flexible back frame, linked flexors and dual-energy lumbar to intuitively sense and respond to user's needs.
  • The Weight-Activated Mechanism moves as fluidly as the human body does. It provides a recline resistance that is proportional to your own body weight, while keeping you oriented to you work.
  • Adjustable seat depth which allows the seat to be positioned forward or backward for long-term comfort.
  • The Comfort Dial allows users to quickly adjust to one of these four comfortable settings: upright back lock, mid-stop recline, full recline with weight-activated tension + 20% boost, and full recline with weight-activated tension.
  • The chair is up to 95% recyclable and made of up to 28% recycled content; it has received Bronze Cradle to Cradle product certification and it is level 3 certified to the BIFMA e3 sustainability standard

Note - Chairs will have different fabric than shown in photo.