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Space Requests, Allocations and Assignments

In Fall, 2017 a campus-wide retreat was held by the Provost Office in which more than 80 faculty participated in a discussion about the allocation of the 2020 Project space and the subsequent utilization of the existing backfill space on campus. This interactive conversation continued over the course of 2018 involving stakeholders throughout campus resulting in the UC Merced Comprehensive Space Allocation Plan, which was approved by the Faculty Senate and Chancellor in December 2018. Allocation of 2020 Project and backfill project space is predicated on the agreements cemented in the comprehensive space allocation plan and applied according to the Principles of Campus Space Management and the Space Allocation and Assignment Guidelines. 

Space Requests

The Provost approves space allocation decisions in alignment with the UC Merced Comprehensive Space Allocation Plan. To request additional space beyond the original space allocation, a department or division must submit a space request form to the Office of Capital and Space Strategies and Real Estate. 

Once the completed Space Strategies Office receives the space request form and it is analyzed in the context of the original divisional or departmental space allocation, the existing space inventory, and other outstanding space requests. The completed space request form, the Space Strategies Office analysis, and concomitant recommendations are provided to the Provost's Office within 6-8 weeks of the Office of Space Planning receiving the original space request detailing the space that has been approved and any other conditions. 

Space Assignment Guidelines

In 2019, the Space Allocation and Assignment Guidelines were created and finalized in collaboration with the Academic Senate, Academic Dean's and Provost Office to guide the detailed implementation of the Campus Space Management Principles. Please use the space assignment guidelines when making divisional, departmental, and program space assignments.

Faculty Space Hiring Process

In 2019, an initial effort was made to define the roles of the Capital and Space Strategies and Real Estate Office in the new faculty hiring process. Prior to the COVID-19 curtailment, a formal agreement was not reached on the role of Space Strategies in the new faculty hiring process. There is, however, general agreement that prior to initiating a new faculty search process the Department and the Space Strategies to discuss the space alternatives for candidates that evidence interest in the position. Efforts will continue to be made to finalize and formalize the role of Space Strategies in the new faculty hiring process.