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Space Planning and Allocation Board

Rendering of Science and Engineering II

UC Merced has developed a space governance and decision-making framework consistent with campus priorities.

Physical space is one of UC Merced’s most valuable – and expensive – resources; and like universities across the country, UC Merced is committed to improving the nature and utilization of its buildings in order to advance its teaching, research and public service mission as efficiently as possible.

To guide the campus through the space planning and allocation process, UC Merced’s academic and administrative leadership are organized as members of the UC Merced Space Planning and Allocation Board ("SpA Board").  

Board Structure

The SpA Board includes the primary users (the Deans, the Academic Senate, the Program Chairs, Student Affairs, Administration) and multiple resource managers (e.g., the Division of Planning and Budget, the Division of Business and Administrative Services, the Department of Physical Operations, Planning and Development).

As constituted, the Board is advisory to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (EVC) who retains decision making rights. The Project Management function for this Board will be performed by UC Merced Space Planning and Analysis staff.

The Space Planning and Allocation Board’s membership includes the following individuals by role:

·      Executive Vice Chancellor/Provost (Chair)

·      Chancellor’s designated representative

·      Dean of the School of Natural Sciences

·      Dean of the School of Engineering

·      Dean of the School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Arts

·      Representative of Organized Research Units

·      Deans of any Future Schools

·      Chair of the Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation (CAPRA)

·      Chair, Division Council

·      Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget

·      Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Services

·      Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

·      Vice Chancellor of Development and Alumni Relations

·      Vice Chancellor of Research

·      Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

·      Vice Provost for Graduate Education

·      Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

·      Chief Information Officer

·      University Librarian

·      Associate Vice Chancellor for Physical Operations, Planning and Development

·      Assistant Vice Chancellor for Planning and Real Estate

This broad structure is essentially an expansion of membership and scope of the Space Advisory Committee established in 2012.   The Space Planning and Allocation Board supersedes the Space Advisory Committee.


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