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Capital Financial Plan

The Capital Financial Plan (CFP) is a six-year rolling capital plan completed annually under the guidance of the Office of the President. The plan includes capital facilities, deferred maintenance, and energy projects anticipated to occur during the next six years. New capital facilities are planned based on student enrollment projections, academic planning, and auxiliary projections. SCPRE collaborated with Capital Finance to develop the financial tables in the CFP, noting whether there is a funding source identified for each project. Once approved by the Chancellor and Provost's Office, UC Merced's CFP is integrated into the system-wide CFP and published in the fall. The most current chapters of the UC Merced CFP are 2019-2025, 2020-2026 and 2021-2027.

Projects that are greater than $1MM are considered capital projects.  The Project Request Process explains the process for requesting a capital project of any size.  Capital projects must be reflected on the campus Capital Financial Plan and have an identified funding source to be approved and executed.