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Space Requests, Allocations and Assignments

Space Requests

Please contact the Executive Director of Space, Capital Planning and Real Estate (SCPRE) to obtain a space assignment for one or two individuals.  Should you wish to obtain space for three or more individuals, an entire program or center please complete the Project Request form and submit the signed form to the Executive Director of SCPRE.  Space requests for three or more individuals are processed four times a year in February, May, August and November.

The space request will be analyzed in the context of the original divisional or departmental space allocation, the existing space inventory, and other outstanding space requests. The completed project request form, SCPRE's analysis, and concomitant recommendations will be provided to the Chancellor or Provost's Office.  The Chancellor and/or Provost approve space allocation decisions in alignment with the UC Merced Comprehensive Space Allocation Plan.  The decision detailing the space that has been approved and any other conditions will be provided within six weeks of the receipt of the original request.

Space Assignment Guidelines

In 2019, the Space Allocation and Assignment Guidelines were created and finalized in collaboration with the Academic Senate, Academic Dean's and Provost Office to guide the detailed implementation of the Campus Space Management Principles. Please use the space assignment guidelines when making divisional, departmental, and program space assignments.

Faculty Space Hiring Process

Prior to initiating a new faculty search, SCPRE recommends that the Chair of the faculty search process meet with the Executive Director of SCPRE and the School Space Officer to discuss space alternatives for candidates.   Once the process has advanced and specific candidates have been identified, the Chair of the faculty search, the Executive Director of SCPRE, and the Space Officer in the School should meet again to narrow space recommendations and develop a facility retrofit budget.