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Submitting a Project Request

The new campus Project Request Process will be launched March 2022.   Please use this new process if you are planning a project to create new, or retrofit existing, facilities that will cost over $35,000 or if you are requesting a significant new space allocation (space for three or more persons).

Minor capital projects (>$35K and < $1MM) must be initiated in February, May, August or November via the submittal of a signed Project Request Form including an identified funding source.  The only projects that are not required to follow this process are deferred maintenance projects executed by Facilities Management or JCI, and projects costing less than $35K.

Project Request Forms to initiate Campus Capital Projects (>$1MM-<$10MM),  Mid-sized Capital Projects (>$10MM-<$70MM) and Major Capital Projects (over $70MM)  may be submitted twice a year in February and August by submitting a signed Project Request form and an identified funding source.  Capital projects over $1MM must also be included on the UC Merced Capital Financial Plan to be considered.  Please contact the Executive Director of SCPRE if you are considering developing a project over $1MM to assist in the planning and approval processes.