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Real Estate

The UC Merced Office of Space, Capital Planning and Real Estate (SCPRE) handles off-campus leases, licenses, occupancy agreements, dispositions & acquisitions.

The department assists campus users with off-campus leasing, third parties with on-campus space agreements, and coordinated purchases and sales of real property. SCPRE works with others in procurement to finalize and execute real estate documents and contracts.


SCPRE is responsible for the review and analysis of all off-campus requests for leased space. If suitable space on campus is not available, the campus departmental administrator for the stakeholder should provide the Executive Director of SCPRE with a description of the group and its activities, the preferred location, required term, approximate size of the space needed, and proposed funding source. The Executive Director of SCPRE will locate and select a potential site in collaboration with the stakeholder and then negotiate final lease terms subject to University policies on insurance and indemnity requirements, seismic adequacy, fire life, and safety policies and ADA requirements.

Acquisitions and Disposition 

SCPRE in coordination with the Office of the President, is responsible for all acquisitions and disposition of real property for the Campus.

The disposition of campus property with a valuation of at least $1 MM is subject to a public bid process. The process for these dispositions is dictated by the "Stull Act" under the Public Contract Code. 

Licenses and Use Agreements

SCPRE also answers questions with regard to licenses for space off-campus or for use of campus or offsite facilities by UC, non-UC groups, and/or entities and will help with research or academic access agreements to use private property. 

Public Private Partnership Projects

Multiple teams of design professionals submitted proposals to develop the Merced 2020 Project. In 2016, the Plenary Properties Merced consortium was selected following the conclusion of an RFQ/RFP process.  The project consisted of the comprehensive development, including the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of some or all of the elements of academic, administrative, research, recreational, student residence and student services buildings, utilities and infrastructure; outdoor recreation and open space areas; and associated roadways, parking and landscaping for UC Merced.

Please contact the Executive Director of SCPRE to inquire about future public private partnership projects.

Contact Information

Margaret (Maggie) Saunders

Executive Director, Space, Capital Planning and Real Estate