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Minor Capital Projects

Minor capital projects are those projects that cost more than $35,000 and less than $1MM. These projects may be space retrofit or reconfiguration, deferred maintenance, and/or energy-related projects. Those projects related to space allocations or assignments are usually defined and the program developed by SCPRE and turned over to Planning, Design & Construction for execution. A department or program space representative may define a minor capital within an existing space allocation, and submit a Project Request Form to have the project approved.  Deferred maintenance and energy-related minor capital projects are generally defined and executed within Facilities Management.

2020 Project Backfill Projects

The 2020 Project Backfill Projects are the direct result of the vacant space created by the occupancy of the new 2020 Project buildings. The 2018 Comprehensive Space Allocation Plan conceptually identifies each of the backfill projects in the existing buildings. 

Should you have questions about the 2020 Project Backfill Projects, please reach out to Maggie Saunders at for more information.

Real Estate Projects

Occasionally as a part of a new lease, use agreement, or license remediation (seismic, ADA, or code-related) work is identified that must be completed before the agreement is finalized or tenant improvement work that is desired before occupancy. This work is defined by the SCPRE and then executed by Planning, Design and Construction or Facilities Management, Project Management.